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Hey what’s up guys?

I wanted to update my information so here it goes:

My real name is of no importance to anyone that doesn’t know me in real life, so you can call me any name associated to my username. I am twenty years old and I have been writing at a young age. Digging deeper just slightly below the surface you’ll find I am a very complicated. I can only imagine your thoughts to reading that as I am well aware many people are and/or say that they are. But hell I said it anyway. Deal with it or don’t give a damned. Whichever works for you.

Getting into my art side of things, I started out drawing by tracing books that my aunt would buy for me to entertain me when she would baby sit me. With that said, I would hope you can tell that was a long time ago. Seriously. If you think for a second that it wasn’t – you have a pretty funny mind there. Nice humor and all that funny stuff.

Style is very rough around the edges because it is simply my style. Well, not MY style, I don’t own it and I am not claiming anything but you get what I mean. I would hope. But as for the reason of it being my style of art, it honestly fits my personality and I have been often told that it makes my drawings feel/seem more alive. It doesn’t help that, like most artists, there’s a story behind the art pretty much- no not pretty much – every time.

When it comes to my writing, I started around the age of seven (slight estimation). The reason I say that is because I know I was seven on my first trip in NYC to see Broadway’s “A Christmas Carol” and while listening to Bring Me to Life by Evanescence I imagined something that I was already picturing in my mind. With that random piece of information no one probably cares about, I mine as well move right along to the style behind this as well.

I’ve always been a writer after that and things have certainly progressed, like everyone does as they get older no matter what it is they do art or not. Now I am known for my writing more than my art, though many enjoy the art just as equally. I, again, have been told that I write in such a way that it draws them into what it is they are reading. Understanding the meaning behind why or what I wrote or not, they find themselves seeing something they don’t want to pull away from. Again, this is not me bragging or being some ego-waffle. It’s just what I have been told many times. And besides, I mine as well mention that there is a big difference in ego and pride. I would like for more people to know this as not many do sadly.

For the theme of things, I write on the deeper and darker side of things. I vent through writing and drawing often so there’s albums that pertain to that; Me Myself and Mind. Many/some might question my writing and what it is about, but all I am going to say to that is:

You don’t know me.

Ending on that hate sounding note, you read this much, mine as well take a look in the albums and see what you think for yourself, yes? Yes. I think so. Or go on YouTube or whatever you do on the interwebs.



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You okay bro? Haven't heard from you in a while... :c
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