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Marty and Sam were in love for three years. She was his complete opposite, completing him in a way he never dreamed possible. Having been cold and uncaring, he had learned how to feel, trust and love for the first time. No one had ever affected him the way she always did. Even when they had just met, Marty felt a warm emotion he couldn't understand nor believe. They had moved in together in a new home out in the wilderness just outside of the city. Sam loved the open fields with its beautiful wild flowers outside the dense forest that surrounded most of the area before reaching a beautiful home. Marty knew, looking at how Sam was filled with joyfulness that radiated off her person, that this where they would spend the rest of their days.
When Sam passed away unexpectedly in her sleep two nights after their settling in, all that made Marty happy was lost. N
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Hey what’s up guys?

I wanted to update my information so here it goes:

My real name is of no importance to anyone that doesn’t know me in real life, so you can call me any name associated to my username. I am twenty years old and I have been writing at a young age. Digging deeper just slightly below the surface you’ll find I am a very complicated. I can only imagine your thoughts to reading that as I am well aware many people are and/or say that they are. But hell I said it anyway. Deal with it or don’t give a damned. Whichever works for you.

Getting into my art side of things, I started out drawing by tracing books that my aunt would buy for me to entertain me when she would baby sit me. With that said, I would hope you can tell that was a long time ago. Seriously. If you think for a second that it wasn’t – you have a pretty funny mind there. Nice humor and all that funny stuff.

Style is very rough around the edges because it is simply my style. Well, not MY style, I don’t own it and I am not claiming anything but you get what I mean. I would hope. But as for the reason of it being my style of art, it honestly fits my personality and I have been often told that it makes my drawings feel/seem more alive. It doesn’t help that, like most artists, there’s a story behind the art pretty much- no not pretty much – every time.

When it comes to my writing, I started around the age of seven (slight estimation). The reason I say that is because I know I was seven on my first trip in NYC to see Broadway’s “A Christmas Carol” and while listening to Bring Me to Life by Evanescence I imagined something that I was already picturing in my mind. With that random piece of information no one probably cares about, I mine as well move right along to the style behind this as well.

I’ve always been a writer after that and things have certainly progressed, like everyone does as they get older no matter what it is they do art or not. Now I am known for my writing more than my art, though many enjoy the art just as equally. I, again, have been told that I write in such a way that it draws them into what it is they are reading. Understanding the meaning behind why or what I wrote or not, they find themselves seeing something they don’t want to pull away from. Again, this is not me bragging or being some ego-waffle. It’s just what I have been told many times. And besides, I mine as well mention that there is a big difference in ego and pride. I would like for more people to know this as not many do sadly.

For the theme of things, I write on the deeper and darker side of things. I vent through writing and drawing often so there’s albums that pertain to that; Me Myself and Mind. Many/some might question my writing and what it is about, but all I am going to say to that is:

You don’t know me.

Ending on that hate sounding note, you read this much, mine as well take a look in the albums and see what you think for yourself, yes? Yes. I think so. Or go on YouTube or whatever you do on the interwebs.



:iconkeikoashitaka: :iconbleedinginkxiii: The Freshmen to my Seniority.
:iconcommanderkoi: The Casey to my Owl. RolePlay.
:iconmetaphoricallysane: The Pewds to my Cry. RolePlay.

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